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       Liebert XD Piping is prefabricated distribution piping installed in anticipation of a growing data center cooling system. Liebert XD cooling modules are added, disconnected, or repositioned as required and are quickly made operational with flexible connection piping and quick-connect fittings.

       The Liebert XD Piping system is compatible with Liebert XDO, XDV, XDH and XD CoolFrame modules. The system allows data center cooling capacity to increase to more than 30 kW per rack.

Liebert XD Piping System

       The header distribution piping is available as 3.0 m segments with 5 or 10 ports, or 2.4 m segments with 2 or 4 ports. The flexible piping between the header distribution piping and the Liebert XD modules has quick connect fittings and is available in 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 and 3.0 m lengths.


Pre-fabricated distribution piping

Install piping in anticipation of future growth

Flexible connection piping and quick-connect fittings allow addition or repositioning of cooling modules

Allows room cooling capacity to increase to more than 5400 W/m2



Scales up to a cooling capacity of more than 30 kw per rack as your needs grow.

Provides multiple standard header and flexible piping lengths to meet individual site needs.

Higher Availability

Allows re-positioning of cooling modules without interruption in operation.

Allows installation with interlaced connections from the pumping unit to the XD cooling modules in single row or dual row layouts.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

Grows with your Data Center, adapting to changing heat load requirements with minimal up-front investment.

Ideally Suited For

Growing data centers using Liebert XD pumped refrigerant cooling solutions