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       The Liebert HPF represents the most complete package indoor cooling system product family specifically designed to control the environmental conditions in technological or industrial rooms as well as inside Fixed and Mobile Telecom Network sites.

       The Liebert HPF units are designed for indoor and floor-mount applications with over, under, or displacement air delivery. In direct expansion mode, the priority is given to the energy saving that is reached through the attention given at design level to all processes that realize the cooling effect: high fan efficiency, perfect unit insulation, performing heat exchange, smart logic control.

       The use of direct free-cooling mode is tuned to enhance the environmental efficiency by setting the control that will minimize the waste of energy in every condition.

       The possibility to switch in emergency cooling mode, through the use of 48 VDC or 230 VAC plug fan, assures the continuity of protection from the risk of working in improper climatic conditions. 

Liebert HPF

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Refrigerant circuit

High efficiency compressor

Dryer filter

Sigh glass

Insulation from air stream

Air filtration

EU3 class standard filter

Up to EU7 high filtration

Full frontal access

Condenser fan

Plug-type fan

High ESP availability

Speed control



Always delivers cooling to its target

Suitable for critical indoor installations

Provides freedom of site layout at the design stage

Higher Availability

Cools the air through the lowest energy consumption through the use of high class components

Can be powered by 48 VDC emergency power source in case of mains failure

230 VAC emergency supply is available for applications using UPS or AC generator systems

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Easy installation and fast start-up

Generates high energy saving with cooling lifetime extension

Easy and fast access to all main components during the ordinary maintenance